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An interactive module that can be integrated into any website and CRM/ERP.
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Ever wondered how to hold and touch something that doesn't yet exist? At Flat.Show, we dive into the world of real estate through the senses.

With our tools, your clients can not only see but also literally touch your real estate project, bringing them closer to imagining and feeling the future.

Another strong suit of Flat.Show is keeping everyone on the same page by managing stock online. Our seamless integration with CRM systems simplifies life for your sales and marketing team, streamlining functionality and creating attractive presentations all in one.

Flat.Show's interactive tool is designed to enhance the presentation and management of real estate projects on the web, employing the following approaches and techniques:
  • Our spin-around tool is engineered to deeply engage clients, providing them with a heightened understanding and feel for the project.
  • With our experienced and passionate 3D specialists, we have the know-how to make your project shine from every angle. Focusing on surroundings, lighting, and intricate details, we ensure your project stands out.
  • We excel in analyzing and organizing data related to real estate projects. The initial phase of project creation involves an internal project audit, ensuring that the data in your new interactive tool is not only beautifully presented but also accurate.
  • Our tool is web-based, requiring no specific equipment or hardware to access it from anywhere in the world. It offers responsive design for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Easily embed your new project into any website.
  • With experience in CRM integrations, we're equipped to simplify the lives of your sales and marketing team.

Interior web tours

Show the layout from all angles, allow the possibility to walk through the premises, and see the view from the window
Interactive interior tours are the magic that invites you on an extraordinary journey through space and style. It's not just a stroll; it's an immersion into a world of beauty, functionality, and inspiration.In every corner of the interior, there is a story and character, and interactive tours reveal each of them.

They give you the freedom to explore every room as if you were there in person. You can closely examine textures and finishes, assess the space and light, feel the atmosphere and coziness.Interactive tours allow you to experience every detail, layout, and design decision as if you were standing at the center of art and comfort.

They become a window into your future home story, inspiring you to create cozy places where every moment is filled with grandeur and inspiration. Welcome to the world of interactive tours, where every click unveils a new level of beauty and possibilities
  • Custom Webflow design and development
  • Responsive design and cross-browser compatibility
  • Webflow CMS and content management
  • Webflow hosting and ongoing maintenance


This is the art of visualization in motion, revealing architectural marvels and landscapes in all their stunning detail.
Animated videos for real estate projects are the art of bringing stories to life. They transform static plans and concepts into dynamic and captivating narratives, transporting you to the future where each moving frame brings a sense of atmosphere, living space, and possibility.

Animated videos breathe life into real estate projects, allowing you to delve into their essence as if you already inhabit them.

They enable exploration of every nook and cranny, enjoying views from windows, examining comfort and functionality, and most importantly, they turn dreams of the future into reality
  • Custom Webflow design and development
  • Responsive design and cross-browser compatibility
  • Webflow CMS and content management
  • Webflow hosting and ongoing maintenance


Artistic visualizations are a window into the future, where every line and color reflects the incredible embodiment of an idea placed at the heart of each project
Artistic visualizations are the magic that brings future real estate projects to life. They transform abstract ideas into visual masterpieces, allowing you to see the future in all its splendor and grandeur.

Every detail, every angle, every texture is carefully rendered in these images to create the impression that you are already in a new world of possibilities and comfort.
  • Content strategy and plann
  • Content creation
  • Keyword research and on-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization, including backlinking

Web design and tech support

Beautiful and functional websites crafted using state-of-the-art technologies.
Creating a digital realm for grand ideas is our passion and strength. Like reliable architects in the digital world, we construct unique websites for developers, where every line of code is a brick in the foundation of your success.

We don't just create web projects; we ensure their reliable operation. Technical maintenance is our commitment to the long-term stability of your virtual world.

We see ourselves not only as webmasters but as curators of your online legacy.

Together, we build more than just websites; we create spaces where your ideas come to life, and every click is a step towards new horizons of possibilities.

Entrust us with the task of establishing and maintaining your digital space, and provide your ambitions with the place they deserve
  • Custom Webflow design and development
  • Responsive design and cross-browser compatibility
  • Webflow CMS and content management
  • Webflow hosting and ongoing maintenance

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I create award-winning websites that elevate your brand and attract more customers.
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  • Reviewing any existing branding
  • Target audience and competitors research
  • Developing a strategy


We work with you to make empowering tools

We guide every stage. Our roadmap, whether it involves creating interactive tools, 3D visualization, animations, or site development, will be your guide. This ensures you get what you need, on time, without needing to worry about the work.
  • Developing wireframes and mockup
  • Choosing typography, color palettes, and imagery
  • Refining the design


Boost Your Sales

By offering an enhanced project experience to your clients and keeping your sales and marketing team updated, you can be certain it translates into increased income.
  • Translating the design into code using Webflow
  • Responsive and functions perfectly across all devices
  • Testing the website thoroughly before launch
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