Residential complex. Location: Modern metropolis with urban surroundings. 552 units, 31 floors, 2 towers.
6 Weeks

3D, Interactive, Web

Creating a virtual twin for a business-class complex in a prime location with modern design is essential to showcase its advantages to discerning clients, even from a distance. Leveraging flat.show's expertise and tools, we seamlessly blended architectural details, photorealistic renders, and unit specifications to craft a standout web presentation.

Integrating urban realism: a project in prestigious urban surroundings

Seamlessly integrate a project into an urban setting, striving for the utmost realism in a prestigious urban location.


Creating a convincing urban oasis: web presentation with apartment selection tool

Create a web-based presentation of the project with photorealistic 3D renderings and develop a convenient apartment selection tool to guide customers at every step of the way. Emphasize the prime location of the complex while ensuring the utmost realism in the prestigious urban setting.


Realism meets immersion: the perfect blend for web and sales office

The project's surroundings exude maximum realism, harmoniously complementing the architectural design. Extensive attention was given to the surrounding details, employing several location panoramas and meticulous detailing of the immediate environment.

To showcase the private and tranquil aspects of the project, we integrated panoramic views of the internal areas. This allows viewers to immerse themselves in the inner courtyard, entrance, and stylobate, experiencing a relaxing atmosphere.

Initially designed for web use, our interactive tool has proven to be equally effective on large screens in the sales office, providing an enhanced, immersive experience for visiting customers.

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