real estate

An interactive web tool provides vast opportunities for real estate online presentation.
It gives users expanded selection instruments and makes leads from your website hotter.

why choose us?


FLAT.SHOW is a great way to display all the features of your project online: architecture, catalog of the apartments, infrastructure, various technical parameters. Make your company more transparent and open: let your customers explore your project without leaving home. 

fast implementation

You no longer need months of development to launch your project to the web network. Well-established procedures, experience, and expertise help us minimise the time necessary for release. Our client support managers will lead you through the transparent process: project brief, materials & data collection, 3D graphics creation, interface customisation, testing, and launch. 

adaptive interface

FLAT.SHOW  interactive web tool operates successfully on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and large touch screens you may use at the sales office. Complete adaptivity is one of our main priorities. Choose our company, and your customers will be able to check out the project on all modern devices. Also, we constantly improve the loading algorithms for faster access from different devices.

management system

Individual or group modification of premises data is available. You can change sales statuses, adjust premises data (prices, area, rooms, floor, etc.), manage layout images, enable synchronisation with popular CRM and ERP systems.


Before embedding the FLAT.SHOW into the website, we adapt and customise the interface elements and adapt to the project's visual elements.
We constantly increase the pool of adjustable elements of the interface. Colours, fonts, icons, backgrounds adapt to the visual features of the brand and website.

sync with CRM

Get an instant data exchange within your corporate systems and ensure the synergy of sales and marketing departments. FLAT.SHOW can embed interactive selection tools directly into the CRM system. 
Sales managers will access the up-to-date database of premises (apartments, commerce, parking), information about sales status, prices, and the booking engine.


Connect Google Analytics or/and Hot Jar statistics to receive data on visitors' behavior and make effective management decisions. Add the GTM in the admin panel or pass it to your FLAT.SHOW manager. In addition, when customers submit the application form, our system collects UTM tags and passes them to your email or CRM/ERP system.

filtering options

You determine the set of filter options and premise specifications for your project. For example, do you want to display availability or not? Do you prefer to show the prices or not? It is entirely up to you.
Managers will see all necessary tools inside the CRM system and can use expanded filter options different from those users can see on the website.

high-quality graphics

We will help you find a relevant visual style, the right level of realism, the necessary creative intonation for your project. If you already have an in-house team of 3D artists, we'll brief them on preparing graphics for the interactive tool. 
We have a lot of cooperation experience with leading 3d studios, architectural offices, freelance specialists.

tech support

Continuous improvement is the basis of our everyday work. We do our best to provide the finest customer service and fulfil the needs of our clients. We value all the feedback and discuss it internally, make conclusions, and include improvement features into the development backlog. You can always count on our responsible attitude towards your project. We provide stable, high-quality service and technical support.

clear choice

Premise selection has never been more convenient and transparent. Spin the complex or house by 360 degrees, use a filter to display selected units on the building, go to the floor plans section, look through the available blueprints types, and compare selected premises.
Filter settings save and apply across all sections: 3D Spinner, Floors, Blueprints types. Also, using FLAT.SHOW interactive tool you can indicate location features and points of interest, views, etc.

online advice

People value their time and appreciate flexibility. Use FLAT.SHOW to consult your customers online. You simply need to enable the "Show screen" option in popular ZOOM/Skype/Google Meet services. Demonstrate all the project features, select the best option with clients, get them ready to visit your sales office. Check out the convenient function of creating a selection of premises for the client. Then, you can both save and send it in any "messenger."

frequently asked questions

What is FLAT.SHOW?

FLAT.SHOW is an interactive web tool created for a practical demonstration of a real estate project, which integrates into the website or/and CRM system. There are two main functional targets FLAT.SHOW insures: posting it online and providing comprehensive selection tools inside the real estate project.

How does it work?

The FLAT.SHOW interactive tool embeds to any website and works properly as a separate section for premise selection: condos, apartments, commerce units, parking lots, etc. It is also an effective instrument to tell about features of the project's location, external and internal points of interest.

what can be customized?

Data and filters
You decide what to show your customers. You determine the set of filter options and premise specifications for your project. For example, do you want to display availability or not? Do you prefer to show the prices or not? It is entirely up to you.Whether you need any additional specs: terrace availability, balcony areas, bathrooms quantity, kitchen area, stories? It's your choice.
Managers will see all necessary tools inside the CRM system and can use expanded filter options different from those users can see on the website.
Colors and fonts
Share your brand book or color preferences with us, and we will adjust the interactive tool to your brand style.

How long does it take to create a new interactive project?

The creation of a new interactive project divides into two parallel processes:
a) 3D preparation - we can consult your team of 3D artists and brief them on preparing graphics for the interactive tool or suggest a team of 3D professionals for this task.э b) data collection and interactive tool development.
b) data collection and interactive tool development.

The timing depends on the project size. After receiving all requested materials from the client, we usually need 3 to 6 weeks. Our experience and competence ensure the least possible time to finish the project.

what do we need to estimate your project's cost?

The crucial parameters to evaluate the project development cost are the scale of the complex and the complexity of the architecture.We need the following materials to make a precise estimation: a master plan, a 3D model of the building(s), floor plans.

let's talk

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